Automate user engagements for your app

Designed for web and mobile app developers to convert free users to paid users, and upsell existing users.



Use the user data in your own database to create and automate engagement emails.

Live user data from your own database

We integrate with your own application database, so you don’t have to constantly export and import user information. Access live user data when you are automating engagement emails.

Email templating with Dynamic Variables

Draft your engagement emails with dynamic variables and data directly from your application database.

Trigger-based Automation Rules

Define and automate conditional rules for user engagements. For example, you can say: “for free users who have logged in consecutively for the past 5 days, send them an engagement email.“

Single source of truth

Your application database is the centralized single source of truth. We will continuously sync with your database for live data.


for DEvelopers 🛠

Supports easy integrations with Ruby, Rails, NodeJS, Python and PHP.


FOR Marketers 📣


Automation Rules Templates

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