Only pay for active subscribers.

Other email campaign tools charge you for the total number of subscribers in a month. At Fulfillkit, you only pay for monthly active subscribers. Which are subscribers you have sent one or more emails to in a month.

# of active subscribers USD / month
Up to 1,000 FREE
Up to 3,000 $29
Up to 5,000 $39
Up to 8,000 $59
Up to 10,000 $79
Up to 15,000 $99
Up to 20,000 $119
Up to 25,000 $139
Up to 35,000 $179
Up to 45,000 $219
45,000+ $219 + $4 per 1,000 subscribers

What is an active subscriber?

We will only bill you for the number of active subscribers you have in a month. An active subscriber is a subscriber that you have sent one or more emails to in the billing month.

Are the bills in USD?

Yes, our bills are charged in USD. Your credit card should automatically convert the amount into your base currency.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you don't send any emails in a month, you won't be charged. If you need to cancel, we can export your subscriber list.
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